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Review and appropriately process, according to CIBC’s established policies and procedures and applicable laws and court rules, a variety of legal orders and notices regarding individual and business clients, including federal and state court subpoenas from private litigants; grand jury subpoenas; levies, garnishments, and citations to discover assets; child support orders; and bankruptcy notices
Processing may include, for example, review of internal systems to identify account relationships and gather account records; ordering account freezes and release of freezes, issuances of cashier’s checks, or fund transfers; communicating with requestors; securely transmitting requested information, which may be of a highly sensitive nature; e-filing responses on behalf of CIBC using a variety of e-filing platforms for federal, state, and local courts 
Particularly when processing garnishment orders regarding individual clients, conduct reviews required by federal regulations regarding protection of federal benefit payments to identify protected funds
Maintain a high degree of confidentiality and data security, including when processing items subject to specific nondisclosure requirements, such as grand jury subpoenas
Communicate with senders of orders and notices, including to clarify and/or narrow the scope of the request, to provide status updates, and to fulfill requests
Review information for privilege issues and create privilege logs
Interface with CIBC’s third-party vendors to coordinate document production as needed, such as with regard to high-volume email searches, and review emails for privilege and responsiveness
Perform research
Track and report information related to support of other CIBC US Region entities to facilitate compliance with Regulation W affiliate transaction requirements
Maintain confidentiality and security of information, including with attention to particular considerations relevant to the remote environment
Perform other work as assigned by the Managing Paralegal and/or attorney supervisors

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